About Us

Sarah and I moved to Scotland in 2010.  I work in Edinburgh but we also run a holiday lettings business, Red Squirrel Holidays, with properties based in Perthshire and Loch Ness.


Our first property was the Monastery Tower by Loch Ness, a place that will always be special to us as that was where we got married.  Easter Bendochy House was next and it was quickly followed by Atholl Place, a Georgian townhouse in the centre of Perth that we bought in a derelict state and restored over a period of two years.  For a few years we ran a 3-bedroom apartment in Cumberland Street in Edinburgh's new town.  And, in early 2019, a converted mill with panoramic views across Loch Tay will be available.


Red Squirrels

According to VisitScotland's estimates there are only 160,000 red squirrels living in Britain today, with over three-quarters of that number found in Scotland.  Perthshire is one of the best places to see them.  


If you are staying at Easter Bendochy House, then two of the best places to see Red Squirrels are Meiklour (a 5 minute drive) and Templeton Woods (25 minutes away).  Templeton Woods is also around a 25 minute drive from Atholl Place.

If you are at the Monastery Tower then you may well be lucky enough to see red squirrels in the grounds of the Highland Club or surrounding area.

Red Squirrels are not so common in Edinburgh but Cumberland Street is a lovely place to start or end your Scotland adventure!

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